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Heart to Heart

Thursday, February 16th, 2017

Perhaps it would be best to NOT rely on the Newspaper or MSM for correct information. (fb incl.)
i.e…”Some trust in chariots…etc.
My trust is in The Lord!

That being said. My prayer is for our nation, our President and this administration. I add, for our Pastors and spiritual leadership.

I was just thinking… as a pastor, if a person leaves and goes to another church, it is not correct for us to go meddle in the affairs of that church. (i.e. Don’t step in another pastor’s pulpit without being invited by that pastor.)
The news media continues to ‘remind’ people of what ‘used to be’. The media is causing division and strife and the church seems to be buying in. I’m reminded of the children of Israel with Moses, remembering Egypt fondly when the hard times came (the leeks and the onions).
To the church today…set yourself to move forward. Pray, and seek the face and heart of God. It’s really up to you. Folks, I choose to follow after God’s Word and pray for our President, our nation’s leaders, our pastors and churches.

We need #wisdom.
#mychoice #peacefulquietliving

~Pastor Lovie