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Sunday, August 28th, 2016

3 years ago…I was in so much pain, I could not sleep and could barely move. Yet, I was thankful to be alive.
So many times we look at the ‘mountain’ ahead and wonder how, and if, we will make it through.

Tonight, I can hardly sleep…because I’m so thankful. Trust me, there have been times that I have struggled, and many sleepless nights due to pain. But God…His Mercy, His Grace…

  • I’m reminding myself of His Mighty outstretched Hand of mercy and protection
  • I’m reminding myself of all the prayers that were prayed for me.
  • I’m rejoicing tonight, reminding myself that “HE’S BEEN FAITHFUL” to me.

Perhaps that’s why I sing praises to HIM, giving HIM my best in service. For I realize without Him I am nothing. When I think of all His goodness, I bow my head in prayer.

Let us NEVER forget to praise our way through the trials and tests of life. NOTHING is too big for our God. Determine and declare:
“I’m not gonna be discouraged, not gonna be depressed..cause NOTHING’S TOO BIG FOR GOD… and In Him I’ll rest.”

Pastor Lovie