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Wow…. Worship Him

Monday, August 22nd, 2016

Your most profound and intimate experiences of worship will likely be in your darkest days— when your heart is broken, when you feel abandoned, when you’re out of options, when the pain is great, and you turn to God alone.” – RICK WARREN

Wow, I can only say “wow! ”
There are days when, in prayer, I can only moan, but God knows. There are times when there are no words, but God understands. He’s seen my tears. He’s heard my cries.

Lord, I’m so grateful. I sing to Him because I’m happy and blessed. Because, through every trial, through every test, He holds me with an everlasting love, and tells me “TRUST ME”, “KEEP BELIEVING”.

Right now, child of God, lean in a little closer. Trust me, HE is there for you. He knows your struggle, He knows your pain and frustration. BUT GOD…
the GREAT ‘I AM’, your ‘EVERLASTING FATHER’ is fighting for you. HE loves you.

Cast all you care on Him, He cares for you!
He will perfect all that concerns you. Just ask The Saviour to help you, to comfort, strengthen, and keep you. HE WILL!
•Turn to Him.
•Run to Him.
•Seek Him.

Onward, Upward, and Higher
~Pastor Lovie