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I Stand

Saturday, September 24th, 2016

I stand #amazed…
Thinking on the Goodness of God,
His Mercy and His Grace.
I can only imagine how things will be,
as the Church stands and takes it’s rightful place.
No longer cowering in fear, agreeing with the ‘world’s’ view… but to begin to look and see others as God says we should do.

I can NOT jump on the band wagon of hate…sealing the fate of many. I refuse to follow the trend. I believe that God desire that we rise above it all. How?
•By keeping His Word at the center of our heart and on our lips.
•By walking in love.
•By respecting life.. authority..
•By walking in INTEGRITY.
•By representing Him daily.

Be very careful about allowing yourselves to be drawn into battle with the flesh. Learn to quiet yourselves in prayer (calming your spirit) as we prepare for the battle of our lives)
Know this:
•This battle is real.
•The enemy is real.

But, focus on this:
“OUR GOD is greater than all!”
So I’m not gonna worry, not gonna live my life in fear. We are in the ARMY OF GOD. HE goes before us daily. I’m following His Lead. I will not fear… I will not flinch… Our God is able, He will protect us. As we step out according to His Word and Instruction, He will perform it for us. He is Faithful!

We must honor His Word in our heart and not sin against it. No sloppy, slothful life will secure our protection. Every idle word spoken will be recorded… and you will be held accountable.
•GUARD your mouth.
•GUARD your heart.
•GUARD your actions.
The key is “you”. You’re responsible, the blame stops with YOU!

I’m praying…
“Lord, keep me in the correct lane. Keep me in the center of Your Will. Purify my heart. Lead me daily. Let the words of my mouth, and the meditations of my heart be pleasing unto THEE.”

Onward, Upward, and Higher
~Pastor Lovie