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‘My’ Testimony

Monday, August 18th, 2014

This is my personal testimony:

God has been faithful to me.   He watched over me, and protected me over and over again.

A few years ago, we were preparing to leave the house on our usual Wednesday morning jaunt.  I was rushing, grabbing  my purse, my books and my cup of ‘hot’ tea.   (we had just boiled the water for the tea and placed it in a to-go cup)  As I was rushing out of the door, my foot got caught in a cord.  I was thrown into the front door with the hot tea going directly into my face…I fell into the wall screaming.  Eugene was in the car waiting for me…  by the time he got back in the house the skin was already coming off in clumps.  I was drenched with cold water, but the burning would not stop.   He rushed me to the hospital here…. and they did what they could to stabilize me, and then sent me to the burn unit in Wichita…(60 miles away)  I don’t remember the ride, but I woke up when we arrived at the hospital.   Once the doctor had seen me, wrote the prescription(pain meds) and put the ointment on my face… we headed home again.

What a day….

‘Important note’ :

At the time, we had been studying… “The Power of the Blood of Jesus, and the Healing in His Blood” during our Wednesday evening Bible Study…..  That  study proved valuable to me:  It was my ‘sustaining power’, it was ‘life’ flowing into me physically and spirtually!

Once home, the real journey began.  I didn’t ‘just call’ everybody…. I had to have folks that were on the same page, that would stand and agree with me in prayer.   I had to sit up to sleep for a few days.  My left eye was completely shut on Thursday, but by Friday I could get it open and then my right eye was shut.  (On Saturday… they both were swollen shut)  I couldn’t go anywhere….  My skin itched so bad that I cried and cried.

My daughter had a friend that worked in a burn unit, and she told her some things that would help me. I had to have a certain diet…. (I only took advil, and never took the presciption)We prayed and asked God for a miracle….  (I didn’t want to be scarred for life)  We went back to see a cosmetic surgeon the next week.  He took a look, left the room and came back several times….  He said that there was no natural way for my skin to be at the point of healing.  But God said different.

I did however for the next few months have to be very careful when going out in the sun.  I had to wear ‘large brimmed’ hats and scarves…I had to use sunscreen and some other protection for my skin… I had to wear sunglasses for my eyes…  I did this daily, as I praised God for complete victory..

I never had to have the surgery or skin graft.  I never had to go back.  But God………… and I thank Him daily…. “NO” scars. I ‘know’ HIM personally……. HE is, Jehovah Raphe….. “The God that Healeth me”  

God Bless you,

Pastor Lovie