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Never Ever Give Up

Monday, January 19th, 2015

Trials and tests come… Bad things can happen to good people:

My testimony:  August 27, 2013 I was in a car wreck. It changed my life completely. 
As I had really just begun building my physical body…trips to the gym 3 times a week. (endeavoring to take care of the ‘temple’)

I had left home early to run an errand (nothing unusual) I got on the highway as usual to head in town. As I approached the bridge at 40-45mph,  I was rear ended by a car going in excess of 115mph.  All I knew was that I heard a bang and my SUV went forward into a spin cycle.  I called on Jesus, “Lord help me”, I didn’t want to go over the side of the bridge. Eventually the car stopped… and for a while so did my life.
After many chiropractic treatments,  physical therapy, 2 injections in my neck and lower back… I was left with pain… extreme pain.
For 16 months I battled, I prayed, but I NEVER gave up hope.  I was believing God for complete healing in my body.  You see, I KNOW The Healer. So, even though my recovery took a while, I was convinced that God would restore it all.  So I kept on, through the pain, going to the gym and working with a personal trainer. It wasn’t easy, but it was worth it. There were mornings that I cried through the training, but I persevered.
Here’s the glorious part:
We wanted to go to a meeting last Wednesday, but Tuesday was a real struggle for me. So Eugene asked me if I wanted to go that morning, and stay home that night. (we had to travel.. and up to this time 2 hours in a car was just ‘too much’.  But the meeting was so wonderful that even though we had a long day and didn’t get back home til almost 4, I decided to go back for the evening service. So we left at 5:30 after we grabbed a bite to eat. Somewhere in that decision was my ‘touch’ point.  

On Thursday morning, for the first time in almost 17 months, I got up out the bed and just walked.  You see, for almost 17 months I had to sit on the side of the bed for 2-3 minutes before standing, and then stand for 2-3 minutes before I could put pressure on my leg.  So when I tell you that God is soooooo good, and the He is faithful, believe me. I am rejoicing as I type this.  To God be all the Glory.  Thank You Jesus…

Don’t give up.. Don’t settle for less than His best…
Pray, Believe, Receive, and STAND.

Pastor Lovie