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Monday, November 30th, 2015

Awakened by rattling dishes, bed shaking, it seems as though my house shifted.

Hmmmmm.  Some folk call it #fracking, others call it #earthquake. I call it the ‘groaning’ of this earth. 

IT’S TIME: Pray for our nation, and leaders.(ALL authority) Pray for your Pastors and church leadership.
There’s an URGENCY:
Too much foolishness, bitterness, and strife is invading the hearts of men.. (the church) JEALOUSY!

The Bible warns us of this. “DIVISION”. It’s disguised under these headings…

•Racism??? (ALL lives matter)

•Political party??? (Who’s  following God’s Word)

•Politically Correct??? (I will declare what God’s Word declares)

Listen up folks, watch out, for we are leaving The Word of God and clinging to this world’s system.

This world is not my home,  I’m a Citizen of another kingdom.  The Kingdom of God.
~Guard your heart’s. Let us, church, RISE UP, STAND & PRAY!

~ Pastor Lovie