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New Journey

Tuesday, April 25th, 2017

Life is wonderful.  Life is great!  I am truly blessed, I just celebrated my 61st birthday.

I shared this little thought with a very good friend:

“When I was 20, folks who were 40 were old.
When I was 30, folks who were 50 were ancient.
Well, now that I’m in my sixties…. I don’t consider myself either.  In fact, I’m thinking just the opposite.
Life can be what you make it:
If you wanna feel old and tired… you will.
If you want to allow the Life of God to restore, strengthen, and enable you…. you can.”

I choose Life.  I choose Health. I choose Joy! I choose Peace.  I choose Happiness.
I choose JESUS!

Onward, Upward, n Higher,

Pastor Lovie

The Key

Saturday, April 8th, 2017

Just a quick thought this morning.

After all that God has done for us, we must know that baking covenant fellowship with HIM opens the door for the enemy to steal your health, your finances, and your relationships.

We must not be so naive about the work of satan in this old world. He (the enemy) comes to steal, kill,and to destroy. The devil is real. His intentions are real. And to be real honest…he doesn’t even like you.

But GOD loves you and HE wants the best for you. HE sent His Son for you and for me.

Guard your heart. Don’t let the things if this world distract you.

  • Commit yourself and your ways to HIM.
  • Seek HIM first
  • Follow after HIM with your entire being.
  • Hunger for more of HIM

The point here is this:

“We cannot afford to turn back now”.

~Pastor Lovie