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Prepare for your Victory

Thursday, November 9th, 2017

Today, put your best foot forward. It doesn’t matter how you feel, if you’re tired or even sick… take these steps:

1. Be thankful, and give God praise and glory
2. Speak life and healing to yourself.
3. Act like you’re whole, Act like you care!

If Jesus was house guest, (and HE always is) make HIM welcome. Put your best foot forward. In HIM you win! 

I was told years ago to always present yourself as an ambassador for HIM. So, whenever I get up and prepare to leave my home, I start my day out as if I were going to meet someone special. You know you’ll  only get to make 1 first impression, so make the best one possible.  Of course there are days when you just feel like bumming out, I think we all have those, but even those of my own household don’t wanna see me looking ‘tacky’ or like I don’t even care everyday.  So I try to do better everyday. 

~In Him~

Pastor Lovie

It’s Possible!

Friday, November 3rd, 2017

You can change, ‘if’ you want to change. Don’t continue to allow this world’s force to dictate your day to day life.

It’s necessary that we learn the power of our words. Speak life!Speak joy!Speak peace! Begin to speak the plan of God over yourself daily.

Guard your heart. Guard your words. Live a Victorious Life! It’s up to you.


Pastor Lovie

One of ‘Those Days’

Friday, November 3rd, 2017

Wow… just gotta take a break and pull it together.  Some days just start off like that, I guess… Well, one thing I have to remind myself of today, that God is on the Throne of my life. I can rest and know that things are gonna work out just fine.  I remind myself that God is faithful to me.  I just decided to call it an ‘early day’ at least for a bit.  So, now I’m home and listening to some worship music and watching some great teaching videos.

I’m praying for our nation, our churches, leadership in general.  I also pray for families to be strengthened.


Be blessed,

Pastor Lovie