Our Words Will Frame Our World

A thought for the church, and for young couples:
So much stress, so many issues can make one ‘want’ to give up, or it can have the complete opposite effect:
“When the grass looks greener on the other side of the fence, take time and water and feed your own lawn.”
If you’ll take the opportunity to participate, to nurture, to encourage your spouse/church family. You’ll have the best ‘lawn’ possible.
  • Kind words go a long way. Learn to cultivate your relationships. 
The two must become one. It’s no longer a one-sided relationship, it’s not the time or place for the old ‘all about me’ attitude.  We have to stop and think about our words and actions.
If I can encourage someone along this journey, I certainly will try.  In relationships, no one, and I mean  NO one is perfect. 
  • We should stop and realize that we must learn to depend on Him for our help.
  • Learn to stop comparing yourselves, your relationship, to someone else.
  • Learn  to slow down in your speech, your responses.

We can grow, we can prosper in our family (naturally and spiritually) if we we just take the time to pray.
“It’s me O Lord, standing in the need of prayer”


Pastor Lovie

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